Italian Greyhound Care


At 8 weeks I recommend 6 small pucks Stella’s Freeze Dried Raw chicken and salmon with 1/2 cup luke warm water (as per sample provided) 4 times per day. If you find the puppy still seems hungry increase a small handful at each feeding. If the puppy is not eating the kibble try 1/4 cup of the canned Royal Canin at each feeding. The canned and the wet kibble may be mixed. 


Bully sticks, deer antlers, dehydrated beef lung, freeze dried liver. Italian Greyhounds are food driven. When trying to expose them to something new carry treats with you. No rawhide of processed treats.


Italian Greyhounds need approximately a year to fully develop cartilage  in their joints. Exercise in moderation. 15 minute walks, playtime, are sufficient to get rid of all that energy. Over exercise will cause damage to their joints and can develop Luxating Patella (knees pop out of joint)


Your pup has been dewormed at 4, 6, and 8 weeks. He or she has received their first vaccinations at 8 weeks. I do not recommend the Leptopirosis (Lepto) vaccine as it may cause adverse reactions, high fever, rashes ect.  Lepto can be cured to two rounds of antibiotics. Please consult your veterinarian for further information. Your pup will need their next vaccinations at 12, then finally 16 weeks. They can go out on your lawn after they are fully vaccinated. 

Dog Clothes 

Dog clothes should be checked for loose buttons and snaps, and rough areas that may aggravate the dogs skin. Since Italian Greyhounds have a very thin coat their skin can be sensitive. 

Cuddle time

Your puppy will love to snuggle. Be extremely careful not to leave them unattended on your bed or couch. They will jump off, and they will get hurt. if your relaxing on the couch or in bed, have a hand on them at all times. I recommend play times on the floor, you cant fall off the floor.

Collars and Harnesses

A collar can be worn for an ID tag. I find its easier to teach them how to walk with a harness. A harness with a velcro closure will last the puppy at least 6 months and is washable. 


Wash only when necessary. Italian Greyhounds have a natural oils that will be washed away causing dry skin. Nails should be trimmed every two weeks, as necessary.

Dog Beds and Toys

Your puppy has been provided with a dog bed, a blanket, and a toy. These all have the scent from mom and siblings. These usually help with the two week transition period. The fluff that is in toys and dog beds can cause blockage and choking. Wash the dogs beds, blankets and toys on a regular basis.

Toilet Training

Your puppy has started to learn to do his or her business on a pee pad. They will be able to go outside and relieve themselves after they are fully vaccinated. I usually wait 15-20 minutes after they ate to bring them out. They usually need to relieve themselves after napping.

*****Puppies need love and patience. They are now part of your family. I always remind myself dogs don’t know that you’ve had a bad day but they would love to help you turn it into a better day.*****


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